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Our range of products comprises the development, assembly and packing of health kits on demand, a wide range of pharmaceuticals and medical consumables and a full selection of hospital equipment and complementary services.

We deliver practical solutions with long-term impacts. Our record of partnering with national governments and international organisations is built on a business model that emphasises efficiency, economy and effectiveness in everything we do. We place great importance on helping our customers get the most from their investment, and on providing solutions that are sustainable far into the future.




We believe in delivering high quality in everything we do. That is why our Quality Management Programme encompasses all activities that can influence the quality of our products and services. We are constantly reviewing and expanding our standards and capacity to stay ahead of regulatory developments.

Embracing international standards, Missionpharma complies with all international requirements and standards for pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution. We are vigilant in maintaining our record for delivering quality – held now for over 40 years – and are able to meet the specific quality requirements of individual tenders, as well as the demanding quality standards of the international donor community.

Attaining product registration in our export markets is a key priority for us, and our products are widely registered in over 40 countries worldwide. We continually focus on maintaining existing registrations and adding new registrations to the list.


Missionpharma Zambia Ltd. is a part of the Missionpharma Group and subject to our global Quality Management Programme. Missionpharma A/S holds a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) license from the Danish Health and Medicines Agency and Indian FDA licenses for storage, packing and export of wholesale drugs. Furthermore, Missionpharma A/S is ISO-certified by Bureau Veritas and is audited on an annual basis.

Missionpharma Zambia holds a Pharmaceutical Wholesalers License and is inspected by the local Zambian authorities. Missionpharma has obtained international certifications and is approved by leading organisations such as Quamed, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV).

A sharp eye for quality

We work only with pre-qualified manufacturers, whose performance is continually monitored and evaluated, and who are subject to regular Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audits. We maintain a permanent global team of highly trained auditors, who perform over 60 GMP inspections every year. We continually refine our QA/QC programmes to ensure consistency in every batch we deliver. Advanced IT systems support our quality, tracking and safety activities throughout the supply chain.

Supply chain

Making sure that our products reach hospitals, clinics, health posts and pharmacies safely is a complex task made easy by Missionpharma. We have the expertise to handle projects involving just a few products, as well as to manage all aspects of complex, large-volume projects.

Missionpharma’s roots in the international trading industry have given us decades of experience in sourcing products globally at competitive prices and consistently guaranteed quality. These sourcing skills allow us to provide exactly the right product at the lowest price to meet precise tender specifications. This is matched by a logistics expertise that helps us excel at delivering what we source. Our proven ability to handle complex supply projects ensures reliable delivery to the end destination, even to the most remote clinics or health posts.

Handling product sourcing with multiple suppliers and performing sufficient quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) can be substantial tasks. Missionpharma specialises in managing the entire range of activities involved, and offers a single-point-of-contact approach throughout the entire project.


Over the years, Missionpharma has organised and implemented a vast number of projects in close cooperation with our customers. Common to them all is that we always focus intensively on ensuring that customers achieve the most of their investments and that quality and affordability is always ensured throughout the entire supply chain.

CASE: Committed to progress in Zambia

Africa is on the rise and so is Zambia. Since 1997, Missionpharma has been Zambia’s preferred supplier of Health Centre Kits developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health. The kits have ensured that millions of people have access to necessary medicine.

’We have come a long way together,’ says Mr. Clement Mulenga Andala, Partner and Pharmacist at Missionpharma. ‘Over the years, we have built efficient procedures for providing the Health Centre Kits in a safe, effective and affordable manner. Countries working to provide quality healthcare often face bottlenecks in keeping remote health clinics stocked with essential medicines. It takes expert knowledge to handle the complexity of forecasting, distributing and handling the kits in a country like Zambia,’ he continues. ‘We are proud to take an active part in raising the bar in healthcare in Zambia.’

Health Centre Kit

Thinking ahead is key when it comes to ensuring supplies. Forecasting procurement of medical supplies is a challenge in most countries. Zambia is no exception. Missionpharma’s Health Centre Kits work as an easily countable unit, as the kits are specifically designed and ready-packed with pharmaceutical products to cover basic healthcare needs in the country. As a result, kit supplies make forecasting and procurement significantly easier for the Ministry of Health.

‘The local health centres are often located in rural areas with very poor road networks, and the weather often makes transportation challenging’ says Ms. Talitha Hogebrug, part of the management team. Therefore, the kits must be optimally designed and packed to resist heat, humidity and rough conditions. Missionpharma’s kits are packed in specially designed five-ply cartons, which are resistant to rough handling. The cartons are equipped with a strong plastic inner lining to protect the contents against moisture and water damage.

About Health Centre Kits

One Health Centre Kit contains 60 different pharmaceutical products and consumables – enough to supply 1,000 people’s general medical needs for one month. The kits have proven to be an effective solution to healthcare challenges, as they ensure that the right products are available in the right quantities at the right time. In addition, the kits facilitate the improved planning, procurement, in-country distribution and on-site handling of essential drugs.

‘Over the years, we have developed practical solutions to many of the challenges we face when handling the kits,’ Ms. Hogebrug explains. ‘Rural health centres often lack the machinery, such as forklifts and pallets, necessary for handling the kits. The kits are therefore designed with strong handles to facilitate handling by the local workforce: a simple yet very efficient feature.’ Complete consignee details, unique carton numbers and packing lists containing complete product and batch information further facilitate optimal handling conditions.

Being able to make a real difference requires the coordination of a large number of elements – from working with the government to finding simple solutions to very practical challenges. ‘We are proud to say that our work in Zambia is a model of good practice in this regard,’ concludes Mr. Clement Mulenga Andala.

Health Centre Kit 2