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We know that our employees represent our biggest asset and that together we can make our mark when the right framework is in place. With us, you will have a busy and challenging workday in a dynamic environment, surrounded by talented people who are highly passionate about their work.

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We currently have no positions available, but we are always happy to receive unsolicited applications.

Unsolicited applications

We are always on the lookout for qualified colleagues and therefore we welcome unsolicited applications.

Send us an e-mail with your application and your resume to info@missionpharma.co.zm

Meet us

Our Zambian team strongly focuses on achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. We are proud of our unique ability to understand and answer to the obstacles and challenges our customers face in their daily work. We are very happy to present our team:

Abigail, Sales Representative

I am Abigail and I recently joined Missionpharma Zambia as Sales Representative. Joining Missionpharma has been an eye-opener for me. It has been a steep learning curve, which has taught me the importance of unity and working as a team and has given me an opportunity to get familiar with our clients and the proper management of pharmaceutical products. This make me happy as I can practice and update myself, combining office work with field work. I love this way of learning and making a difference.

Agness, Accountant

I take care of the accounts in Missionpharma Zambia, adding value in reporting and streamlining our accounts – in line with international standards as set out by our head office. It is exciting to be part of this synergy, which will expectedly result in increased performance here locally in Zambia. I am very happy to be a part of Missionpharma’s Zambian team.

Benedict, Warehouse Worker

I am Benedict, a Zambian citizen. I previously worked for Ngansa Pharmaceutical – now Missionpharma Zambia. My role in Missionpharma Zambia includes goods receiving, pick and pack, taking inventory of goods, ensuring that the warehouse is kept clean at all times and, occasionally, to make deliveries. Missionpharma is all about unity and teamwork. Unity is a strength and one of our top goals at Missionpharma Zambia. When there is teamwork and collaboration, great and wonderful things can be achieved.

Clement, Partner and Pharmacist

I am Clement, Partner and Pharmacist at Missionpharma Zambia Ltd. I carry out the important role of promoting our corporate image to the Government Institutions and the public market in general. By working with the public health institutions, I continuously focus on setting our mark on the Zambian health map as a leading provider of safe, cost-effective and efficient commodities. I also track changes in the healthcare environment to enable us to quickly respond to the most recent requirements for products and services.

Field, Office Clerk

My name is Field and I have been working with Missionpharma since its Zambian opening in December 2015. My main roles in Missionpharma Zambia is to ensure that all offices are kept tidy and occasionally to help out in the warehouse and make deliveries. Co-operation is key for Missionpharma and it is a driving factor for us here. As they say, two heads are better than one and in Missionpharma Zambia we believe that working together is the best way of getting things done.

Judith, Key Account Administrator

I am Judith, born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia, and I only recently joined Missionpharma Zambia as the new ‘spider in the web’ being the Key Account Administrator in our sales team. One of the reasons why I joined Missionpharma Zambia is the fact that there are many opportunities to develop myself within the organisation and to grow my career within a company, which cares about people’s health in rural and urban areas of Zambia. I feel privileged to be part of the growth ambitions as set out by Missionpharma Zambia and it excites me every day.

Kelvin, Warehouse Worker

I am Kelvin and feel very privileged to work for Missionpharma Zambia. I signed my contract with Missionpharma Zambia in December 2015 and count myself lucky every day. I am part of the team in the warehouse and I feel that joining the Missionpharma family has opened new horizons for me. I am able to work in the new ERP system and pick products, to assemble products for delivery to our clients and to perform loading and offloading of goods. It just feels great to be part of such a dynamic team and it feels greater to work for Missionpharma Zambia.

Mubanga, Warehouse Worker

I, Mubanga, joined Missionpharma Zambia in December 2015, working in the warehouse. My main role is to receive and dispatch the products to various parts of the country, keep the stocks and records in order and also to ensure that the warehouse is clean all the time. My work is unique as I am also the fork lifter truck operator, which make the loading and offloading of incoming and outgoing goods to be done quickly and easy. This makes our clients happy because it reduces waiting time.

Patrick, Sales Manager

I am Patrick and I have worked as a Technical Sales Advisor for many years under Ngansa Pharmaceuticals. I look very much forward to continuing with this task under Missionpharma Zambia. My primary interest is centered on knowledge and skill sharing with various end users in both the public and private sector. I have an interest in surgery and how modern and advanced surgical procedures improve patient outcome and ultimately their lives. This definitely is a “Job on a mission”, giving proper advice and saving lives.

Peter, Sales and Business Development Manager

In my function as Sales and Business Development Manager, my role is to maintain and develop our client base, among others, the public health sector, NGO’s, donors, mines and the private sector. I also support the expansion of Missionpharma’s business portfolio in terms of product range and markets. Overall, I make sure that our sales team conducts their sales activities in an efficient and profitable manner. I am excited to be a part of Missionpharma Zambia.

Priscilla, Sales Executive

My name is Priscilla and I have worked with Ngansa/Missionpharma for some years now, mainly focusing on OT drugs, IV fluids and the nutritional portfolio, why I frequently accompany doctors, nurses and dieticians to visit their patients. I have developed a consuming passion for working in the health industry to promote and educate on a product that is beneficial and help improve quality of life. I also love giving presentations to the end users in hospitals and clinics. For me it is all about the interaction between our customer and the caregivers. I pride myself in offering the excellent service and advice that a client needs and expects. The reward of seeing a client create positive change with my support is the most privileged feeling I have ever experienced.

Rebecca, Key Account Manager

I am Rebecca and I am part of the dynamic team that makes Missionpharma Zambia. Missionpharma Zambia is my ‘happy place’ because it is filled with such team spirit and great people. I am the ‘handy woman’ of the office, and as office coordinator, I have various tasks on my desk. Being in Missionpharma and in my role, as the ‘go to person’, no day is the same. Every day differs from the other with new challenges, hence giving me the chance to grow and enhance my potential.

Steven, Biomedical Engineer

I am Steven, Bio Medical Engineer, in Missionpharma Zambia. What gives me energy within the team is the combination of field visits to our hospitals and clinics throughout Lusaka and the rest of Zambia, together with training received in Europe with the manufacturers and in Missionpharma head office. As a biomedical engineer I am tasked with translating and interpreting the technical sphere of hospital equipment to both the end users and procurement personnel (our clients) in order to build confidence in our products and services. Our ambition in Zambia is to create a ‘Center of Excellence’ out of which we will organize workshops on technical aspects of hospital Equipment, focusing strongly on the after sales component guaranteeing that whatever you buy from us, will be well maintained. This greatly appeals to me, as hospital equipment always deserves to be well serviced.

Vincent, Sales Executive

Hi, I am Vincent, and you can call me the ‘Road runner’ within Missionpharma Zambia’s Sales team with over 5 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. My aim is to offer the best customer service in Zambia to our customers. I love the interaction with our customers, listening to their wishes and demands, translating them into orders with our quality medical products and services. at Missionpharma Zambia we believe in team spirit when we design, create and market our product portfolio. We are like a family and help each to keep our customers happy and even surpass their wishes. That makes me extremely proud and work even harder. At Missionpharma Zambia we are accelerating a new Africa…!