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Missionpharma is committed to making a difference in Africa. We provide tailored intelligent healthcare solutions based on the latest professional insights, and on decades of experience in Zambia and Africa in general. Every year, we supply high volumes of healthcare products via pharmaceutical supply programmes across the continent.

We are a leading global supplier of pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, hospital equipment and medical kits for the benefit of Zambia as well as many other African countries. We know that decent solutions can be provided based on expertise alone, but the best solutions are built on close cooperation and shared goals.

Our aim is to strengthen healthcare in Africa through engagement, cooperation and sound reasoning in close partnership with local stakeholders. We are proud to be a trusted partner to those driving Africa forward.

The best of two worlds

Missionpharma Zambia Ltd. was incorporated to merge leading Zambian pharmaceutical wholesaler Ngansa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with Danish healthcare supply specialist Missionpharma A/S. Missionpharma is one of the world’s leading suppliers of generic pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, hospital equipment and medical kits. Missionpharma Zambia is the Zambian branch of Missionpharma.

We are the premier one-stop shop for competitively priced quality healthcare supplies. Missionpharma Zambia delivers high-quality branded and generic pharmaceuticals, medical consumables and hospital equipment, as well as associated services, maintenance and after-sales support. Our team has extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical and medical production, logistics, management and quality assurance in Zambia and across Africa. In cooperation with Missionpharma in Denmark, we are able to design and complete even the most complex projects for Zambia.

Clement in the warehouse

Missionpharma Zambia is part of the CFAO Group, Africa’s leading distributor of international brands. Being a member of the CFAO Group provides a strong local foundation with a unique supplier network and skill set through our group companies Eurapharma, Laborex and Fazzini, among others.

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1975: Missionpharma was founded by the late Poul Ginnerup as a one-man company with focus on supply of generic pharmaceuticals to the public sector in Africa. At that time, the missionary clinics constituted the public sector, which is the primary reason for our company name.

1980: Missionpharma has a strong commitment towards relief aid.

1989: Poul Ginnerup dies and Poul’s son, Kim Ginnerup, joins the management team.

1993: Ngansa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is incorporated by Mr. Clement Mulenga Andala and Mr. Bjorn von Hofsten; both professional pharmacists with a long experience in pharmaceutical production, logistics and management.

1995: Ngansa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is appointed official agent for Missionpharma in Zambia.

1997: Missionpharma, in cooperation with Ngansa, supplies the first kits to MoH in Zambia. At that time, the kits were named Community Health Workers kits and Rural Health kits; now known as Health Centre Kits.

Health Centre Kit 2

2001: Missionpharma establishes our kit packing unit in India, Missionpharma Logistics India, with complete storage, consolidation and kit packing facilities.

2002: Missionpharma assembles Health Centre Kits in Zambia at Ngansa premises – now Missionpharma Zambia. Missionpharma’s specialised and experienced mobile kit packing team supervised the kit packing during the six months’ project implementation in cooperation with Ngansa.

2004-2008: Missionpharma and Ngansa deliver 200.000 Health Centre Kits to Zambia and strengthen our position as preferred supplier to the Zambian healthcare system.

2012: Eurapharma, owned by the CFAO Group and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, enters as majority shareholder of Missionpharma.

2013: Missionpharma strategically separates Hospital Equipment as a dedicated business unit.

2015: Missionpharma and Ngansa Pharmaceuticals join forces and establishes Missionpharma Zambia Ltd.

2016 -> We continuously aim at strengthening healthcare in Africa, and in Zambia in particular, through private and public partnerships, and by exploring synergies between our local experience and the global opportunities of Eurapharma and the CFAO Group. We will continue to have great ambitions for Zambian healthcare.

2018: Christian Overgaard is appointed new CEO of the Missionpharma Group.
MP Zambia




Missionpharma Zambia Ltd. is managed by a local management team in cooperation with directors from Missionpharma, Eurapharma and CFAO. The following people are members of the Missionpharma Zambia management team:

General Manager:

Jakob Sestoft, General Manager, Missionpharma Zambia

Board of Directors:

Clement Mulenga Andala, Partner and Pharmacist, Missionpharma Zambia

Kim Ginnerup, Vice Chairman of the Board, Missionpharma Group

George Nonde, Director Finance and Administration, CFAO Motors Zambia


The Missionpharma Group works according to the following values:

Quality in every aspect

We deliver quality in every aspect in our interaction with partners and customers. We pay meticulous attention to the full experience of collaborating with us. We work with an eye for details.

Intelligent solutions

It takes experience to supply quality products at the right price at the right time at the right place. We strive to constantly develop intelligent solutions in all aspects of our services. We think ahead.

Trusted partner

We build relations that enable us to deliver long-lasting solutions for the benefit of our customers.We are proud to be trusted by the people driving Africa forward. We care about the big picture.

Committed to progress

Africa is a continent on the rise. Efficient healthcare is fundamental to realising potential. By ensuring a constant supply of safe and affordable healthcare products, we take an active part. We contribute to a better tomorrow.

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