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New facilities in Lusaka

Missionpharma’s subsidiary in Zambia, Missionpharma Zambia Ltd., has recently moved to new facilities at Mwembeshi Road. Our new surroundings make us even better equipped for following our vision of strengthening healthcare in Zambia through local investments supported by private and public partnerships.

Our setup includes more than 4,000 m² GDP-compliant warehouse facilities in Lusaka offering a large range of warehousing services in addition to medical kit packing, showrooms and distribution services.

As part of the Missionpharma Group, our new setup allows us to offer the following services:

Kit packing
We believe that kits for Africa should be packed in Africa. Therefore, we have invested in state-of-the-art kit assembly facilities allowing us to serve the Zambian population with medical kits manufactured locally on behalf of our parent company, Missionpharma.

More than 4,000 m² fully equipped warehouses include complete facilities for storage, consolidation, marking and labelling as well as services for third party storage and distribution management.

Hospital equipment
We offer a full range of hospital equipment and matching services, such as technical support, installation, training, maintenance contracting and after-sales services. We have a fully equipped showroom with complete facilities for product display, demonstration and training. We also carry a comprehensive stock of products for immediate delivery.

International brands
Our line of principal brands includes high-quality products from leading international healthcare providers for the private and public sector.

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Local procurement
We believe that we can best support the Zambian business environment by taking an active part in developing the domestic pharmaceutical industry. We do so by sharing mutually-beneficial expertise with local manufacturers and by procuring selected products locally.

For more than 40 years, Missionpharma
has provided safe and affordable healthcare products to the African continent. With our branch in Zambia, we are now taking important steps to becoming an even more integrated part of the African health community.

Missionpharma Zambia is part of the CFAO Group, Africa’s leading distributor of international brands. Being a member of the CFAO Group provides a strong local foundation with a unique supplier network and skill set through our group companies Eurapharma, Laborex and Fazzini, among others.

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About Missionpharma Zambia

Missionpharma Zambia Ltd. is a subsidiary to the Danish healthcare supply specialist, Missionpharma. Missionpharma is one of the world’s leading suppliers of generic pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, hospital equipment and medical kits. Missionpharma Zambia is personalised by our current Director for Public Sales and member of the board, Mr. Clement Mulenga Andala.

We mean it when we say that we want to accelerate the new Africa. Over the years we have learned that in order to get the products out where they are needed, we first and foremost need a strong local presence and trusted partners, who share the same goals.

Missionpharma Zambia delivers high-quality and competitively priced branded and generic pharmaceuticals, medical consumables and hospital equipment, including a complete range of after-sales services. In cooperation with Missionpharma in Denmark, we are able to design and complete even the most complex projects for Zambia.

As owner of the former Ngansa Pharmaceuticals, I have cooperated with Missionpharma for over two decades. Over the years, Missionpharma has greatly contributed to developing the healthcare sector in Zambia. It is a great honour for me to continue this journey under the name of Missionpharma Zambia Ltd.

Mr. Clement Mulenga Andala, Partner and Pharmacist, Missionpharma Zambia